3 things I don’t know about Marketing

I started working as a Product Marketing Manager with ThoughtWorks Products about a year back. Here’s top three things that I still do not completely know about Marketing.

1. The kinds of ‘MarTech’ in the Industry

When I was a Business Analyst not too long back, I thought that software programmers are picky about tools (I’ve been witness to blood baths over Atom vs Visual Studio), but I was in for a surprise at the sheer amount of tools that a Marketer will encounter in their career. There is also a Marketing Technology stack now! Here’s the different ‘types’ of tools someone might encounter.

The different kinds of marketing technology


2. Why we are engaged to engagement

One of the things that I encounter is the fascination to measure ‘engagement’. We love this word so much. At the Marketo Summit earlier this year, the theme was about ‘Marketing in the Engagement Economy’. I am yet to fully understand what this means.

There are numerous ways to objectively ‘measure’ a marketing output (a blog post, a web page, an email or a facebook post). However the most desirable metric seems to be ‘how engaging was it?’. I used to think that finding something ‘engaging’ was subjective and there was no standard way to see how engaging something was. It seems now that the definition of the word engagement is what is subjective . However, I still have no idea how to measure engagement or why does everything need to be measured on engagement or what an engagement economy is.

3. The ‘kind’ of Marketing I do

Marketing is like Dosa. If you’ve ever tried ordering a Dosa in a restaurant, you might know that you can’t just say you want Dosa (Try this at your own risk). There are so many kinds of Marketing that I get a bit lost when I try to explain to someone what my job exactly is in one or more words.

There’s obviously a lot more that I know, I don’t know and way more that I don’t know that I don’t know.